Monday, April 18, 2011

“A Disaster of the First Magnitude”

Winston Churchill

“A Disaster of the First Magnitude”

Thesis: Churchill attacks the Munich agreement as a failure of the Western powers to prevent the Nazi power from gaining momentum when it had the chance and has therefore jeopardized the peace they were trying to maintain.

· Winston Churchill (1874-1965) delivers a speech on October 5, 1938 in the House of Commons attacking the Munich agreement and British policy toward Nazi Germany

· Churchill begins by stating they have faced defeat in the Munich agreement and the Czechs would of even been better off with the Western powers that deserted them.

· He continues that if a better relationship with Russia had been pursued and early action had been taken then the disastrous state at hand would not have happen.

· Also the peace efforts and forces against Hitler in Germany would have been able to gain strength if early action had been taken.

· Church now describes the politically humiliated and economically mutilated Czechoslovakia, whose banks, railway agreements, and industries are all disrupted.

· Churchill seals the fate of Czechoslovakia by predicting it will be absorbed by the Nazis in despair or revenge

· He now addresses Britain’s previous position of power when they had the ability to stop Germany from rearming and gaining momentum but they are now faced with what they could have prevented.

· Churchill finishes by explaining the danger that Britain and France now face against the Nazi power with France’s allies lost and both countries waiting too long to rearm or take action.

· Churchill states that the British people must know the deficiency of and neglect of the government and the consequences they will now face.

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